Polyaluminium Chloride

Grade : Extra pure

Synonyms :
Product No. Packaging Size Type Pack. Size In-Pack
TK.950367.01002   PlastiƧ bottle   [SQR] 1 Kg    12
TK.950367.05004   PlastiƧ bottle   [SQR] 5 Kg    4
TK.950367.25006   Nylon in box   [BOX] 25 Kg    1

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Product Information
Catalogue Number : TK.950367
Chemical Name : Polyaluminium Chloride
Grade : Extra pure
Cas No :
EC Number :
Hill Formula :
Chemical Formula :
Molar Mass :
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Safety Information
Labelling according to regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP]

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